Jeremy Stranieri

I am a Connecticut based freelance WordPress website designer and developer providing many website services to small businesses, organizations, and individuals. Whether you already have a website in need of a makeover or require a brand new website to be developed, I can help your website achieve the online exposure it needs. 

I also assist web and marketing agencies with WordPress design and development. If you are a marketing or web agency looking for a web designer or developer to contract work to, contact me for more information on how I can assist you with growing your business.

I provide WordPress website development, performance improvement, troubleshooting, maintenance, update, CMS migration, web hosting migration, and SEO services. I also have extensive experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL within the context of a WordPress installation.

I offer both front-end and back-end services. The services I provide are a combination of website design and development.

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Emergency Troubleshooting Service

If you are in need of Website Troubleshooting that simply cannot wait, contact me for fast and reliable service 24/7.


$100 - $200 Referral

$100 – $200 for client referrals that result in a website design project deposit. 

Bitcoin and altcoin payment

I accept Bitcoin and certain other cryptocurrencies & altcoins. I also accept Paypal.

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When you hire me to perform freelance services, you can expect the following:

What to expect:

  • Respected deadlines.
  • Reliable knowledge and demonstrated skill.
  • High quality work meticulously reviewed and tested.
  • A commitment to your satisfaction.
  • A dedicated, qualified, and self-sufficient freelancer.

Ready to take the next step?

Affordable & Reliable

I will build the website my client wants at a much lower price than traditional web agencies.