Word of Advice

Buyer Beware

There are many people who call themselves “web designers” and claim to build great websites for $100-$600. Rest assured, you get what you pay for! A well designed and developed simple website typically takes at least 30 hours, most websites take longer. If we do the math, this means that these “web designers” are making as little as $3/hour! Surely that can’t be correct… it’s not! These advertisers are taking massive design and development shortcuts so that the websites can be completed as quickly as possible.

Last time I checked the US national minimum wage was $7.25/hour. Connecticut’s minimum wage is currently $10.10/hour. How many skilled workers do you know who work for minimum wage, close to minimum wage, or less than minimum wage? (Most companies pay at least $15/hour to move boxes around.)

A review of these designer’s portfolios (if they even have one) shows nothing but shoddy work. Often the websites are incomplete, do not function correctly, and are not mobile friendly. And some claim to have 10-20 years of experience! Nonsense! If you are considering hiring one of these “budget designers”, you might as well do the work yourself. Chances are you can do a better job. Otherwise you will find yourself hiring someone more skilled in the future to correct this error. You will pay more money and often the poor-quality website will not be salvageable which means the money you already spent will be forfeit.

DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! Let me help instead.

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